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Women who know how to dress will be beautiful

As the old saying goes, “Less is more, and more is more.” In fact, there is a real wisdom in these words, and this wisdom has reached a degree that can be seen everywhere in today’s life!

For example, the current popular “renunciation” way of life; To advanced and no lack of atmospheric sense of “minimalism”… All is not a vivid interpretation of this word!

As Thoreau said, “The more a man lets go, the richer he becomes!” Yes, it’s important to let go, especially in a society full of anxieties and desires.

To the woman that has taste truly, it is to regard this word as this spring to wear to build the fashionable true meaning and put into action: the design of complex and cumbersome just throw away, more than real wear the clothings with high rate, be like the small suit of all kinds of sweater with rich frivolous and thin, intellectual ability…

Then we use the well-known “fold wear technique” to carry out effective matching, to a simple state on the road, live out their own advanced fan!

The crew-neck pullover is one of the most common and classic forms of sweater style, even if it is unnoticeable when viewed alone. However, they look pretty smart when worn over a shirt or sweater!

The round of shallow apricot color gets shirt of white small round collar built inside sweater, of neckline and cuff place clever show white, make whole looks to have administrative level feeling while, still do not break literary breath. Lower body tie-in skirt of a broken flower half body and a pair of white short boots again, such small detail adorns, the moment discloses you not common dress savour.

In the hot and cold season of March, it is the best choice to prepare a cardigan that is easy to put on and take off.

Short and neat designs (see picture on the right), favored by small girls. With a white T-shirt on the inside and a casual pair of jeans, it looks simple yet high order. For their height is very confident of the sister, the short style into the long style, easily achieve the purpose of cover meat show thin.

In invariable daily life, want a bit clever with the word of vitality, might as well try classic stripe unlined upper garment. Whether worn singly or folded over the shoulder, it’s worth savoring.

Just like this of left figure belle to wear build general, direct single wear striped unlined upper garment may show drab slightly with boring, but, after the effect of unlined upper garment of rice grey sable wool that she ties at will in shoulder, become different rise immediately!

To suffer from “choose difficult disease” for the woman, do not know how to wear to build more show simple sense and savour when, with color department is worn take the fashion that can make your temperament perfect deduce.

The wool unlined upper garment of rice apricot color is tie-in with chromatic trousers of wide leg, the whole fashionable feeling of left figure belle reflected ground of deeper level to come out. The ornament that borns wrist watch, bag and so on to act the role of article again and decorate, it is advanced feeling to develop acme simply.

The girl of upper half get fat, the proposal chooses this kind of classic V to get uncut upper garment, the big V neckline that shows clavicle is designed, the focus that can let people is down look in the eyes, achieve contraction width, elongate the visual effect of neck thereby. And the actual wear of this kind of small uncut upper garment sex is very good also, simple skirt of a half body perhaps is agile 9 minutes pants, can decorate the body very well model, highlight fashionable lasting appeal.Read more at:red formal dresses australia | white cocktail dresses

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