Luglio 20, 2024



Gianfranco GFN (Guitar), David Caraccio (Bass), Nicolas Pittet (Drums), Christian Chopard (Keyboard), Vladimir Crabone

(Vocals), Lucien Matthey (Percussions), Alma Cirluzo (Backing-Vocals), JB Moundele (Sax Tenor), Jean Paul Assale

(Trombone), Ediamed N’Cho (Trompette).


Recording & Mix on Three Country: Switzerland – Abidjan Côte-d’Ivoire & Italy


This new song will be part of the future album of GIANFRANCO GFN.




Sometimes stop for a moment, have a Flash… imagine unplugging from everyday life, and

start singing… and dreaming… let go and let go like the free air. Listen to this song, breathe,

go into your dreams and imagination just for a moment of happiness.


Music, Only Music, Just Music


Available in streaming and digital on various platforms from 11.29.2022.


And possible to buy on Bandcamp.


Video available on Youtube

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