Aprile 18, 2024

Massimo Paracchini in the Sgarbi Collection

Massimo Paracchini has entered  the” Vittorio Sgarbi Collection” with the photolithographies of two of his works that will be archived, numbered and officially acquired in the collection of drawings and prints of the “Sgarbi Collection” of Villa Cavallini.  One of the selected works has been published in the  Art  Catalogue edited by EA Publishers under the title “The Artists in the Sgarbi Collection: Art of the New Millennium. An Archive of  Graphic  Works by Vittorio Sgarbi: A Collection for a Future Museum of Contemporary Art, from Figure to  Figuration ” which will be kept in the library of Villa Cavallini  Sgarbi in Ro Ferrarese and distributed to the most important Italian Art Galleries.
Critical  remark  by Vittorio  Sgarbi
The history of a collection is a story of occasions, meetings, discoveries  which intersects with curiosity, research and study.
The presence of Paracchini’s work in the collection of the prints and drawings of my collection certifies  the validity of his stylistic commitment.
Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi
The  works aquired by the  Sgarbi  Collection
1) Title: Alchemic  Free Sprinkling on Awakening Woman in Front of the Abstract Spirals of Cosmic Thought
Oil on board:  80 x 60
The artist will have to become a visionary to transcend the Euclidean Arcadian world, its nature and its history, in order to tend towards the outer limits of reality and catch a glimpse of something  which goes beyond it thanks to his almost magical touch; he will be led to a transcendental consciousness by an alchemical Free Sprinkling  which will allow him to transmute every simple image into a metaphysical and cosmic vision.
As a new Orpheus the artist descends into the underworld of his inner soul to seize the pure essence of everything, trying to defy  the hourglass of time and history and he often returns defeated, clutching in his hands only a few straws of gold that he manages to make eternal.
2) Title: Free Sprinkling Overflowing and Sparkling in a Cosmic Dimension in  Sirmione in the Hyperdimensional Elliptic Curves of the Mind in Kromotrance.
Oil on board:  60 x 80
The Alchemical Free Sprinkling will eventually become Overflowing and Sparkling because through it the artist must  transmute every simple image into a pure cosmic vision and must open a door to  transcendental knowledge; just like  hermetic alchemy – which was intended to transform base  metals in gold, a symbol of light and absolute perfection –  he  will overcome the last boundaries of reality, by projecting every image into a cosmological perspective where the energy of heaven enters forcefully into the quiet life of daily existence and by subverting  every order and rule.
Through his Free Sprinkling Overflowing and Sparkling and his  continuous alchemical research the artist can reach a condition of kromohypnosis, that is the experience of  a Kromotrance in which there will be the loss of sensory orientation in the Arcadian – Euclidean world in order to enter another transcendental vision, in which he will reach a condition of Kronohypnosis, that is of suspension or loss of the sense of time, which will become infinite, eternal and will bring him into a conceptual, totally abstract, interior and subjective dimension.
From “Transcendental  Eidetics  of  Art”
by Massimo Paracchini


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