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The only platform in the world that allows you to bring together D.S., footballers, sports clubs and highly specialized profiles

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Top Players Scouting is the only worldwide platform that allows you to highlight the qualities and related technical data sheets (well detailed and ordered) of the players, but not only as it allows you to “meet” (albeit at first only virtually ) players, coaches, sports directors and over 2000 (two thousand) football clubs.

Top Players Scouting was born with the sole purpose of assisting and solving the needs of players, sports agents and, consequently, also those of football clubs that find it difficult to retrieve comprehensive information on players. Therefore, TPS becomes one of the most used platforms in the world, as it offers the possibility to communicate quickly and promptly. Not only that, the ability to publish targeted ads to what are the searches of each individual player, agent or sports club allows and, at the same time, helps to find the required figures. All this happens in a very short time, as this sort of virtual football agora, through the presence of multiple figures from the world of football increases, mathematically, the percentage and, consequently, the possibility of finding what you are looking for in a very short time. weather.

Subscription to this platform, of global significance, has advantages that not everyone is able to guarantee.

TPS is complete with everything since it provides everything that is indispensable such as entering the data of each individual subject, as well as a history and the sharing and uploading of some videos that could be of close interest (for example) to the player who wants. show his skills. This concession is somewhat thrifty, but full of all the precautions that allow, in a single solution, to have everything you need in a single solution at your fingertips. This factor has contributed to making TPS one of the most used and sought after platforms in the world; indeed, its success is certainly not purely coincidental and the use of this can only increase the chances and the success of a contract and the simple search for a sports club or an agent who is looking for a player with specific peculiarities, physical characteristics and abilities.

It will also be possible to get in touch with professionals and, as if that weren’t enough, the portal also promotes courses aimed at those who want to pursue a career as an observer and / or sports attorney (just to name a few). For the players, on the other hand, there is the possibility of using the team that prepares valid preparations that tend to improve the player’s performance through the use of a technique – also unique in the world that increases skills and allows you to follow this path directly to the academy.

In addition, it seems only right to make a very important note which includes the fact that Top Player Scouting and Wyscout are among the world’s most used platforms by professionals. Specifically, Wyscout shows data relating to sports disputes (therefore, to football matches); while, Top Player puts in communication all the insiders.

The reliability of Top Player Scouting is unparalleled and, should you need to follow the registration procedure on this platform, the team has made available a service center that will guarantee your validation on the portal step by step.

This portal aims to create an IT space where sports prosecutors, observers, clubs, footballers and various professionals meet. In addition, it should also be noted that the platform also allows the inclusion of highly specialized profiles, such as physiotherapists, sports directors, masseurs, coaches and warehouse workers, etc. In short, everything you need at your fingertips.

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