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What’s in store at this year’s Fuorisalone?

It’s the launch of the biggest coordinated Asian design project

ever shown in Milan.

Milan, February 2018
This year, the most cosmopolitan design week in the world will feature a vast array of new content, providing an extensive overview of the latest international trends. One of these novelties is the ASIA DESIGN PAVILION (ADP), a collective exhibition and communication platform, specifically devised to present the multi-faceted creativity of the Asian design scene and reinforce dialogue between the East and West.
Make sure you’ve got a world map at the ready, because the ASIA DESIGN PAVILION will take you from the Middle to the Far East,
providing a ‘real time’ snapshot of some of the areas that have been undergoing a rapid and escalating transformation process over the past ten years.
In fact, numerous designers, studios and design organisations from Cambodia, China, India, Iran, Japan, Korea, Qatar, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and Israel have chosen the Fuorisalone event to present their creations to the world.
But, at ADP, it’s not all industrial or product design: the eclectic universe of Asian creativity will also be showcasing everything
from contemporary art and architecture, to food and fashion.
Organised in partnership with Sarpi Bridge_Oriental Design Week, Milano Space Makers and I_des, for an entire week, ASIA DESIGN PAVILION will take over the enormous exhibition hangars of Megawatt Court (via Watt 15, Milano), transforming into a multicultural and interdisciplinary hub of lively and original proposals from the Asian contemporary scene.
The exhibition is the V.I.P. (“Very Important Project”) project of Milan Design Week, which places less of a focus on big names and more on project content and quality. Among these, are the Japanese garden, site-specific installations by affirmed and emerging Japanese artists, an Italo-Japanese design store, and a specialist bookshop.
As well as being a showcase of Asian design, the project will also have an ASIA produce-MI area, a free exhibition space, featuring carefully selected prototypes that will be proposed to potential Asian design producers, reaffirming the project’s objective of becoming a connecting bridge between Asia and the western world, creating opportunities for young and emerging creatives alike.
There will also be a focus on food and food culture in the ORIENTAL [FOOD] DESIGN WEEK project, curated by Gastronomade Vittorio Castellani, which will provide interesting gastronomical proposals and insights into Asian cuisine for the whole week.
Finally, visitors will also be able to reach the ASIA DESIGN PAVILLION by boat along the Naviglio Grande canal… the perfect way to explore new intercultural horizons.

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