Luglio 19, 2024

After obtaining “The International City of New York Award” –  a prestigious award conferred on him by “Art Now” of Palermo for promoting  Italian art and creativity – thanks to his artistic merit, Massimo Paracchini  is  displaying a piece of art  in a video exhibition at the “White Space Chelsea” Gallery (555 W 25th St, 10001 New York, NY) from 31st  August to 3rd  September 2021.The selected artwork with his quotation  has also been published in the official catalogue of the art event “Artist in New York” by Art Now and two other works of the artist have been published in five personalized catalogues with biographical notes. The Vernissage is on September 2nd  from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

All the works, both the one on video display and those published in the catalogues, were created with a new technique invented by Paracchini himself, called “Tridimensional Painting” or “Volumetrix Painting”, in which the artist masters the third dimension by creating true “pictosculptures”, new abstract and informal forms of pure flowing and vibrant energy in eternal evolutionary movement, with dynamic twists of the canvas, sometimes generated from a central point, the atom – vortex, so that volume and pure color merge, creating new relationships between form and space, shadow and light; they are pieces  of art  in which there is an alternation of fullness  and emptiness, of darkness and light, of planes and volumes, modulated on the most interior vibrations of the soul that are nourished by infinity or that are the result of the search for a balance between primordial kaos and ordered cosmos, between creation and destruction; in them  the canvas itself becomes the protagonist and means of communication, in which painting and sculpture are melted and,  at the same time, connected with thought, with the unconscious and the soul; they  almost manage to reveal mysterious and hidden aspects of reality, sometimes making visible even the invisible, which symbolize the idea of progression, expansion in space, extension and cyclicity of a universe in which everything is born and dies to be reborn again; they are works made of dynamic vortexes in kromoexplosion and in relief, such as fireworks or like a thousand sparkling suns or hearts that expand endlessly, real explosions of colors, artistic big bangs that arise from the  depths of the mind and soul, “pure flows of cosmic energy from which everything originated through a rotational movement that arises from the dynamic twists generated by a central point” with chromatic interventions often bold and courageous; “in the end we go back to the origins of everything, to the Vortex that gave life, with its eternal psykedelic rotational movement,  to the whole vibrant, chaotic, multifaceted, limitless Universe, to the primordial point from which infinite colors will be generated and always new forms will be able to expand infinitely in a straight or curvilinear direction, generating true Kromoexplosions that spread endlessly, giving rise to ever new transcendental visions”. The artist creates a new timeless space out of ordinariness, or rather,  time is  suspended and, in this hyperdimensional evolution, the artist can reach even the fourth and fifth dimensions, especially when he manages to free himself from the limits of space and time and even to transcend them, thus capturing the essence of things; reality thus becomes more fluid, art becomes synthetic, intuition is sharpened, isolation leads to reflection and to the discovery of the spiritual and holy meaning of art; every image is transfigured, we try to express the inner magma of ideas, emotions and sensations.

The event was organized by Art Now,  Palermo.

Opening hours of the Gallery “White Space Chelsea”: 31 August from 14.00 to 18.00

1st  – 2nd – 3rd September fromt 11.00 to 18.00



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