Luglio 16, 2024

Long lace feeling, hollow out dream restoring ancient ways


Three thousand weak water, light scoop a ladle of spring in hand; Lotus leaf light roll, hold a water lily drunken lying embankment bank; Lace is tender, condenses a little nib to write romance; Hollow out is concealed, unreal changes dream restoring ancient ways deep feeling is in love with. Fall in love with lace, love hollow out, the best confession is long lace feeling, ancient hollow dream.

01 lush trees, full of green, even if the vitality is infinite, but in the first time you appear, it is easy to attract all the sight. Pure and flawless white dress, is an angel’s wedding dress, is the most beautiful dress up, flower lace, sincere tell to your tender feelings and romance, the breeze raise skirt corner of the moment, the United States “become immortal”.

02 Time goes by, lace transformation, deduce the beauty and romance of flowers, and then interpret the surprises of wave point. The double-layer fabric creates the super texture of the dress, the lace focuses on the fashion stunning of the polka-dot, the horn sleeves add the style of aristocratic ladies, the three-dimensional flowers bloom the collarbone curve, and the delicate details of every place are the desire and expectation of the designer.

03 dew, is the summer must choose, how dew advanced, dew have style, extremely important. Connect transparent hollow out silk to let white fair-skinned delicate skin if hidden if show, show the slight feminine taste that shows between show one’s hands to cast one’s feet, it is the small sex appeal between girl and woman, more let a person be infatuated with.

04 hourglass time slip away, fade publicity, fade arrogance, fade all sorts of shortcomings, precipitate down is elegant and indifferent. Wearing a black dress, noble and elegant, like a remote dream goddess, only soft lace and faint hollow out to tell the kindness and warmth of the heart.

The beauty of a midsummer night is like a dream, and the scenes from a fairy tale are presented one by one. You are the innocent little princess, a tall castle, a kind father and mother, wearing lace hollow-out seven minutes sleeve dress, maintain their most beautiful side, only to wait for the prince met.

06 with the clear eyes of the colorful world in succession, with a bright heart to feel the passage of time of the four seasons reincarnation, one day only to find that the plain is true, simple is beautiful. Spotless white, contracted extremely grid hollow out, smooth smooth and fluent cut out lines, pouring out the simplest beautiful.

07 is the innocent spirit, is pure and flawless fairy, is a hermit who sees through the world, is a noble and elegant goddess, each kind of style is a woman’s interpretation of the various changes. At present, she chooses to express the most direct and strong affection to spring and summer with the red lace that is like fire with enthusiasm.Read more at:unique formal dresses | australian formal dresses

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