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Learn to wear short skirts, play fashion is not afraid


Has long been a skirt outfit are regarded as the top fashion, true through belly without some art, or her also can’t easily, this directly led to the fashionable girl on short skirt is both love and hate, away from the miserable ending, actually have nothing to think about, if you want to wear show professional, might as well learn some dressing, top fashion peak, Even if you occasionally make fun of the people around you, it’s not a big deal. Laugh it off, and in return, alas, the latest fashion in Paris isn’t that great either!

01 suit appears is the most simple tie-in method, for the color application really has no experience of the girl, the best way to buy short skirt is to buy a complete set, but to remember, the tint style style of clothes and short skirt should be complementary to each other, set each other off into an interesting, and have their own independent into an irreplaceable scenery.

02 fashion will not pleasing to sabingga sukdun dergici jimbi Oriental girls, but it is the water soft beautiful lady complex has a fatal attraction, the popular mass-tone attune with small peep at 2014, it is not hard to find, elegant classic level of purple glaring will become fashion, and set auger restoring ancient ways, make all kinds of purple named love wearing white girls fashion list.

03 skirt choice depends in part on the daily wear take a style, then to create the joker, doesn’t mean can is black and white, but the joker and should achieve as tie-in coat with beautiful metamorphosis, premise must be simple and distinctive, just fit pass on colour, the real realization of the hall under the kitchen fashion points.

04 choice skirt doesn’t suit blindly chasing the fashion, but should give full consideration to their own temperament and height restrictions, now that can be called popular, must be suitable for most of the population, driving up not only the competition pressure, also easy to expose the mediocrity and lack of personality, taste even similar models, and to highlight the stitching like difference.

05 package buttock is classic, more intellectual dignity, but also intended to highlight the smooth waist line, small front slits, is not only the talent quality grade of the trendy creativity, but also wear a pop big high-end atmosphere of the finishing touch, let the package buttock fashion, intellectual is not sparse sexy sexy, feminine taste more product more thick.

6 style of show need professional investment, national wind prevails, the sense that gives a fashionable girl is not just a preference for the some kind of cultural taste, but also deep inside maverick personality release, individual professional charm, on the selection of national design and color and style, as far as possible away from not understand its connotation and vw’s new design and color is too too insipid, can’t wear to wear.

07 to the girl that dote on popular design really, must keep in mind “buy one is one” fashion maxim, popular a bit of view is to buy counter only, do not buy high copy, big shop name does popular, having the quality assurance of beyond addition, even if it is popular general money, also can let a person see its grade easily is not general.

08 without being limited by the age of professional style skirt design best when the number of packet buttock, dignified and leisure, also enchanting also contracted, the difference is that the length on the selection of all the golden point for knee, before the city beautiful fashionable, suggest to control the length of knee above, sexy as soon as possible, and college and pure and fresh girl suggested to control the length below the knee, is bounded to mid-shin, A little longer, ankle or ground that belongs to the personality of the transcendent domain of talent.Read more at:white formal dress australia | formal dress au

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