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Chunxia popular is different, show shoulder compose a new chapter


Spring dress to avoid bloated and boring tips? Seek simple to have the secret of superior sense? Shou shoulder one recruit is done, all sorts of patterns dig empty with irregular dew skin, instant let a person look and feel new and then for a long time unforgettable, shou shoulder outfit is the street patted big send win frequent guest, it is the top ace of talent almanac, had it again ordinary collocation also can be different.

Julie Pelipas, dark blue hollowed-out off-the-shoulder sweater + camel cigarette pants + black and white matching Chelsea boots, classic style and popular style combination, use several neutral colors skillfully and catch the eye.

This Calvin Klein color off-the-shoulder sweater highlights the design sense, which has been praised by many ICONS. The short style can create a good proportion of the upper and lower length to highlight the good figure. The MFW SS18 talent matches it with the tear wind half skirt, playing with the deconstructing wind up and down, which is very avant-garde and individualized.

Taylor Tomasi Hill’s black suit jacket wrapped around the waist and pulled down one shoulder, revealing the collarbone shoulder and matching with the skin tone of the pearl sling to lock the eye firmly, gold heels and red shoes and red hair head and tail echo to light up the all-black style.

Elegant and sexy, Paris-based blogger Victoria G’s street snaps are stunning, with a one-shouldered pair of wide-legged leggings and boots that are cool and tall, metal collars and chains that match each other in exquisite detail, and an embroidered jacket that is half-worn, half-off and chic.

Black denim double-breasted jacket as a dress, pull down the shoulder to change the off-shoulder skirt, lace choker with boots echo, beret embellished vintage and delicate.

Danielle Bernstein’s black and white polka-dot shirt has a unique structure. It is sexy and retro with a neck and one shoulder. It is paired with khaki high-waisted paper bag pants and white pointed shoes, and the contrast color is fresh and easy to create a good proportion.

The difference between passers-by and hipsters lies in the selection and colligation. The bow-knot garment on one shoulder brighten people’s eyes. The unique selection wins out first.

[Xiao Lu Yiqing: local hollowing]

01 Multilayer organ pleates surround one shoulder, where the luxuriant antique court style and the asymmetrical beauty of postmodern meet and blend together. The beautiful shoulder with bone or round feel shows more delicate art, and also endows the slim knit little black dress with a distinctive style.

02 slim tight wool dress is the figure of the curve of the assist, the shoulder hollow cut to break the overall sense, is a thin and breathable window, skirt everywhere edge with yellow and black color stripe decoration, lively and bright eye at the same time or match, classic stable black or bright yellow vitality, color matching is quite fresh.

03 down smooth velvet dress is the configuration of the goddess of ancient times, the design focuses on the upper part of the body, lace collar and hollow shoulder bring romance only beauty, mesh lantern sleeves and fine ribbon decoration will be blurred fairy and slender beauty reflected incisively and vividly, belt bandage show graceful and graceful fairy beauty.

04 Pink lace flowers are decorated around the shoulders, with the pink lotus petal edge extending from the cuff, so that the gray sweatshirt style is no longer simple. It is a model of perfect combination of fairy style and leisure style, and the comfort level is not reduced. The charm is increased.

05 gray sleeveless sweater + black bare-shoulder sweater false two pieces of stitching strength interpretation 1+1>2 effect, basic color simple collision out of a new fashion sense, color + bare-shoulder to enhance the visual focus is helpful to show high, loose sleeves and clothing body and help cover meat, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses of skill, casual wear natural and unrestrained.

6 basic don’t pick on people round collar sweater is render artifacts necessary manpower, and as a take off the coat also want beautiful fairies no dead Angle, of course, know the use of appropriate design to add cent, unilateral hollowed off-the-shoulder modern degree spurt, simple low-key in a senior, even if is the basic collocation also bring their own window, beautiful and not deliberately, just calculate win effortlessly.

07 shoulder design is very clever, the zipper is hidden under the small lotus leaf edge, soft and nifty can be opened at the same time with bare shoulder or no show two modes, two styles of a skirt is also very cost-effective real SMART, short skirt is a long leg manufacturing machine, belt or purse free to define the style, exquisite tailoring helps hold a variety of occasions.

[Faint Shoulder Shoulder: Skew Shoulder, Cross V-neck, One-line collar]

The more you break the rules, the more special 09 is. The asymmetrical V-neck forms one side of the shoulder, which gives it A dress effect, highlights the perfect shoulder and neck lines, and also leaves room for shining accessories. The A-line skirt has many advantages of showing high and thin, and the collision and contrast of different fabrics make the black modeling prominent.

08 cross wrapped V-collar can be large or small modeling high degree of freedom, like A shawl wrapped in the upper arm is very elegant, soft and comfortable knitting fabrics, waist A word lively age reduction, lovely and aura both let people love endless, red and black two colors A confident A safe, classic two choose A very difficult.

10 velvet is red, red velvet skirt set noble romantic feelings in a body, out and durable look, flus fold a word collar beautiful and generous, broad lantern sleeves show thin and elegant, black leather wide waist seal can be tied into a three-dimensional bow, collision color collision material both practical and aesthetic, amazed to just one second.

11 blue and white pinstriped shirt and skirt with its the relaxed and open character like blue sea blue sky, witnessed another season reincarnation, but want fashionable fan to be about to break rules, the one word of open and bright get and stereo big bow knot can catch the eye for the first time, do not dress well pattern show field is waiting for you to expand.Read more at:melbourne formal dresses | evening dresses adelaide

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