Luglio 24, 2024

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The edition of the estimates of the cameras for the 2017-2018 biennium contains 2700 prices of cameras produced and marketed from the beginning of the twentieth century and the first years of the millennium.
Compared to previous editions, there are several new features: 500 camera models plus, a buyers’ guide with practical advice in order to avoid an ill-advised purchase, a guide to know the elements constituting an SLR 35mm camera or a TLR camera. Quotes are presented in euro in a range with the details of the minimum and maximum value.
The quotations come from a long research of the Italian market offers, European and American. They were collected tens of millions of data that were then processed by a program created on purpose in order to have an overall average estimate.
The book, along with the one dedicated to the objectives estimates, remains a valuable aid and a reference point for antique dealers, collectors, amateur photographers and camera retailers vintage or antique.
The book is a convenient format that you can carry in your pocket for quick reference.

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