Winter is still British

Winter is drawing near, and the year will be over. The familiar cold wind, the changing face, the same is our nostalgia for the classic feelings. After the Olympics, the British wind has been vigorous, from summer to winter, just as the original Chinese Olympics in the return to classical enthusiasm. When pastoral scenery and modern meet, when elegant feelings and gentlemanly spirit continue, we slow down the pace, always can not give up that distant era, still with a modern vision of deep feeling back.

If red and blue are the British wind in summer, then red and green are the military feeling in winter. Will the grid of England, gift the military uniform that this season heates greatly is green, red also appears “revolution” rise. Tricolor interweave, double breasted, handsome epaulets, skirt style, casually put on a belt, take a red scarf, the picture in the movie will appear.

02 88.2% wool content, to ensure the temperature and quality, and a small amount of nylon can help crisp and shape. Deep blue background, very introverted. Square grid is contracted and neat, it is the edition model of such a short money itself. Favorite leather on the lapel + alloy loops, make the finishing point. High quality sense of academic wind, said that it is not impossible to reduce the age oh!

03 commendable, monochrome plaid coat, has always been a small heart love, quietly elegant color, slightly with a trace of refreshing and sweet. The same body color hair hair gets the deck, gave a holy artistic conception more. Petal hem as if inadvertently pinch out of the pleats, natural and lovely. Lazy ox horn buckle, let academic wind greatly develop!

Perfect combination of suit collar and small stand collar, double breasted belt and loose silhouette. Love this kind of free and easy windbreaker most, suit gets true drop to be able to let a person become more model, take neutral temperament slightly, release light elegant woman on the purple gray case woolen cloth that restore ancient ways is sweet.

05 90% wool, this is only the second, double-sided wool fabric, can imagine the cost of the process, pure hand sewing double-sided, from the warmth of the hands, and the production of machines, is not in the same breath. The design style of false two pieces, deep and classic lattice, make the neckline extremely charming, while shaping, make the visual effect more distinctive.

Connect the design of waistband 06, know a woman’s idea especially. Camel elegance has been creeping into fashion since the fall. This style of down jacket, in addition to the classic slimming tailoring, the edge processing of the front and the back is also the best decoration for slimming, light camel color, extraordinary charm, the whole is like a classical English poem, but it is highlighting the temperament of an Oriental woman.

07 more clear, is also the pursuit of small make up, there must always be a white down coat thoroughly, to echo the beauty of the snow. Holy winter, women should be more clean as ice and snow. British wind is extremely concise and versatile version model, wide belt helps you solve the problem of the figure, wear sleeve when going to work at ordinary times, and pay more attention to self-restraint and elegance again when action, white can also be worn very amazing.

08 If you’re tall, or if you like to wear high-heeled boots, then you might as well challenge the British style of this fashion. Long style, the impression is always my parents love to wear the style, long and wide, no taste. This section otherwise, draw pleated grain, super close waist version, knit double collar, fashion and domineering, queen temperament, only you.

09 came out of the blue two pieces of interior, even if the outside is not British style, the interior can also make up for, and even bring surprise. A plaid shirt can be worn in the winter as well, with a thin sweater with a large round neck that exposes the shirt collar for a classic British academic look. The effect that this hair hair gets, it is more deck gives extraordinary savour.

10 do not pick the loose outline of a figure most, still have languid lazy shoulder sleeve, and false two bring show thin effect, it is the good choice of small fat sister. The shape of the sweater is also very fashionable, irregular hem, and the lattice hem exposed, the layering is very good, whether it is inside or single wear, it is a versatile and colorful magic weapon!Read more at: |