The game of possession 1 by Annalisa Mirizzi

Annalisa Mirizzi

The Game Of Possession 1, reaches almost 2k views on Audio readings and trailers created and created by Giulia Segreti.

This is the first volume of the debut series in Italy, by the young author Mirizzi Annalisa of only 19 years.


The young author has released several interviews, both in Live streaming and actual articles. She also appeared on the local radio in her area.


In this interview she speaks with an open heart about her story of bullying and cyberbullying, letting herself go to the emotions and feelings of what she felt in the past.

Even the Fans do not give up and have started real Fanpages on the history of The Game Of Possession. Video and photo editing formats. Where fans are inspired by the best-known and best-known faces.


The Fans have already identified their protagonists. Will this debut hold any surprises in store for us?