Maggio 26, 2024

Oriental Creativity – Florence meets Chinese design and architecture

Florence, with the launch of the eighth edition of Florence Design Week, is preparing for a trip to the discovery of the most creative tourist destinations where design is once again an expression of place identity and a vehicle of culture.
“Changing Cultures” is the theme of the entire Kermesse dedicated to the cultural exchange among the major design-oriented cities.
During the week, numerous locations will be ready to host events and exhibitions of designers and artists, ready to give visibility to their works and creations.
Among the several events, it is worthy to note the exhibition dedicated to Oriental design and to the collaboration, which is becoming increasingly strong, between East and West.
At the charming historical frame of Palazzo Borghese, you can not miss the exhibition about a series of uniques Chinese projects. Projects, where all the Chinese architectural heritage is expressed and boasted, now more than ever projected towards a new generation of design and ready to be appreciated even by European eyes.
“Oriental Creativity” is the title of the show, which is the first of a series of exhibitions around Europe: from Florence to Barcelona and London; showing Chinese creativity in design and architecture, an open window that encourages a cultural exchange between Europe and Asia through art and culture.
You just have to leave and be fascinated by what Florence Design Week is ready to offer you.

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