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Italia Informa ”, an economic-financial and lifestyle magazine with a specific focus on Italian excellence

Italia Informa brings you the news in real time. Instantly receive information on current events and daily events in Italy and around the world through our digital magazine and our online portal.

Italia Informa is an economic-financial and lifestyle magazine, full of insights and news, with a specific focus on Italian excellence and on companies listed on the stock exchange .

With the power of the free press in your hands, Italia Informa is the right information tool for understanding global economic and financial scenarios.

You get highly accurate information verified by our team of journalists and reporters who work day and night to bring to ours the most up-to-date information which is then sorted for display in our magazine and on our portal. With the rise of digital culture, Italia Informa has updated its online portal and now carries the news through the website and the print magazine. The online newspaper through the website is growing strongly and now delivers the main news via the newsletter.

The magazine provides the condensed version of the most important news of the economic and financial world, the most authentic news is delivered to your digital device in real time. Italia Informa has a specialization in financial and economic matters with a dedicated panel that filters all information for authenticity and truthfulness.

Among the collaborators: authoritative signatures, university professors of economic subjects, independent financial analysts, well-known economic journalists and illustrious personalities of the cultural world.

With this magazine, you will be able to get the news in a suitable format with sections dedicated to the economy, national affairs, international relations, political news, entertainment, the economic status of the national and international market. If you are preparing for a national level exam or simply want to be updated, Italia inform a is the right portal for you.

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