Luglio 17, 2024

The Florentines and not only prepare for a trip around the world within their own city!
If Florence never ends up with new scenarios, during the Design Week, you may come across the streets of the city between an Austrian pastry, an Icelandic rug, Chinese designers, Sicilian lamps and innovative Neapolitan handicrafts along with creative Tuscans, a Dutch musical sculpture, all seasoned with salt and pepper of the Hungarian saltwater pot!
Changing cultures is in fact the theme of the 8th edition of Florence Design Week, from 14 to 18 June, for a Kermesse dedicated to cultural exchange between the major creative-design cities around the world. Spain, China, the Netherlands, France, Japan, Russia, America, Brazil, an international city break takes place here to discover the most creative tourist destinations in Florence, the capital of the Life-style Italian style. Once you become an expression of place identities, and cultures, Fashion, Interior design, Architecture, and creativity. In collaboration with WORLD DESIGN WEEKS, SARPI ORIENTAL DESIGN WEEK, LONDON DESIGN FAIR, SHENZHEN DESIGN FAIR, WART MUSIWA, EUROPEAN ACADEMY OF CREATIVITY AND LONDON FUTURE ACADEMY, XIAMEN TREELAND ORIENTAL CREATIVITY, UNIPROJS.COM, with the patronage of the City of Florence, Patronage of Tuscany Region, Florence Design Week International Design Festival awaits you for a dedication to sustainability, smart cities, luxury goods and tourism design, in conjunction with Pitti Immagine Uomo Fashion design fair.
With the support of ARCHIOLOVERS, LIVING MAGAZINE TAIWAN, HOUSE MAGAZINE PORTUGAL AND CHINA, in partnership with TID- THE INTERIOR DESIGN MAGAZINE,, Social Design Magazine, HouseMag, GUIDADESIGN Firenze, and with the contribution of Pubbliacqua and INVEST SHENZHEN.
The Festival opens with the inaugural Gala and the proclamation of the FLORENCE DESIGN AWARD at Hotel Minerva, and continues as usual with international activities to unite networking and creativity.
At Grand Hotel Minerva you will be fascinated by the windows and materials of “CREATIVE CITIES International Design Projects” by UNIPROJS.COM and I-DES.IT – Comparing Italy and China, contemporary jewel, sustainable architecture, sculptures and mosaics, fashion design and Export b2b.
Between the map and the locations that will host the designers and artists of Florence Design Week, a rich circuit runs between the Gucci Museum Café and the Ferragamo Museum, on an unusual route to open studios, shops, ateliers and galleries Will make you way around this globe in Florence!
Florence Creative Village 2017 – Florence Design Week.
During the week, national and international creators from all over the world will offer Florence a cosmopolitan atmosphere.
The design is waiting for you for a week in the spirit of creativity, in the elegant atmosphere that Florence still gives us on the most beautiful days of the year, we are waiting for you, and we invite you to prepare with us for this creative journey, following us on www. or write to!
Downloadable information and program and full map on the site!
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