Annalisa Mirizzi a debut in bookstores

Annalisa Mirizzi, born on June 19, 2002, is a simple, carefree girl who distinguished herself for her complex and imaginative mind, a revolutionary in writing.


She was born in Emilia Romagna in the province of Ferrara, she was the victim of bullying and cyberbullying, where she suffered physical, verbal and psychological violence. Where bullies and cyberbullies gave her constant torment, including threats and more.


Autrice esordiente
Annalisa Mirizzi è un’autrice esordiente italiana


In first grade, one of her teachers also set a class against her by omitting the truth. Annalisa is 19 years old and is studying tourism technician. At 16 she writes a book, the first of a series, The game of possession 1, a very revolutionary novel, full of suspense, set in the 21st century even if some characters were born in the 20th century. A story that takes place in England where the characters of the story are characterized on every aspect, to give each of their originality.


The plot of the story leaves the desire to fully discover these characters and their evolution and find out what will happen in this gaming empire located in London.


The main protagonists are Ludovica and Ivan, two apparently different guys who actually have a lot of things in common. Where they will relate to new sensations and new events in their life, together with their friends. Although there are those who want to destroy all this and take Ludovica away not only from her friends and from her family but above all from Ivan.


History is always ready to give us great twists, a tale full of adrenaline, secrets, dangers and mysteries.


The game of possession 1 is just the beginning of a literary saga.