Alessio Sundas writes to Joe Biden: “I take the field for the sake of the players”

The players’ agent of Italian origin, on the eve of Independence Day, asks to be summoned by the President of the USA at the White House

Over the last few months, players’ agent Alessio Sundas has been showing that he cares about the future of many very young players. Specifically, the Italian manager would have made it known thanks to his innovative idea which has been translated into concreteness, whose name can be summed up in one word: “enhancement”.

The revolutionary Sundas found that in the world and, in this case, especially in America, there are many talented young people who are abandoned rather than valued. A real shame, considering the fact that these could, on the other hand, have a professional impact in the sports field.

In this regard, Sundas revealed the following: “In the US there are 11-a-side grass soccer fields that are well maintained by the region. Here, many young people gather to play games or simply to train. All – he reveals – for free. But, these talented and (possible) future champions have no chance to show off because they are not valued ”. A problem that was analyzed by the players’ agent himself who decided to intervene in a timely manner, trying to counter what is happening under the eyes of all. Indeed, Sundas has even reiterated that it has asked for help from the most important offices of the American state, from the various districts and the Senate (of course, to those who have sports skills) in order to advertise this valid possibility for them. A welcome event that could be implemented in a significant way, as among the “amateurs” many professionals could emerge who, one day, would arrive to play in the most important clubs in America and, subsequently, would come to compete in the most renowned European clubs such as : FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-German, Bayern Munich, Inter, Juventus, Manchester United, Machester City, Borussia Dortmund, Lyon, Werder Bremen, Atletico Madrid, etc.

According to the point of view of Alessio Sundas who is working incessantly on the “Soccer US-EU and EU-US” project, based on the transfer of players, a prestige enhancement that would enhance the image of the USA becomes fundamental. Indeed, the intent of the Italian manager is precisely to increase the number of players transferred which are equal to 52 (in recent years) considering the 4,200,000 members in the American federations.

And this is what prompted Alessio Sundas to send a letter to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, asking to be received at the White House to speak about the aforementioned project.

An important gesture that takes place right on the eve of July 4th (Independence Day) and which would give considerable consideration to what has been presented. The players’ agent himself concluded by saying: “If this start-up starts, we will see how American footballers become stellar“.